Don’t Skip Your Home Inspection

When the market is hot, it often times becomes a “seller’s” market. This means that the sellers have most of the negotiating power because of the high demand for homes – usually spurred on by low inventory on the housing market. When this happens, many times people start to make their offer appear more appealing by waving the home inspection contingency. But this is one of the most dangerous things you could do when buying a home.

A home inspection is there to protect your best interests. It lets you know about defects that you likely don’t know about – but would have to deal with after moving in. We often get caught up in the moment though. We tell ourselves “there is nothing wrong there, the house is in great shape”, or “what could go wrong?”, or My uncle saw the house with me, and he knows buildings pretty well”.

But when it comes down to it, none of those things we say would matter if, after moving in or living in the house for a while, we find a serious defect. It happens a lot when people skip their home inspection – so don’t let it happen to you. No matter what type of market it is, be sure to get your home properly inspected before you buy it.

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