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Some do their best to follow trends even when choosing wall colors at home. But a recent survey revealed that over a third of respondents reported that when redecorating their home they would prefer a neutral color palette.

There is actually much more room for customization and personality in a neutral scheme. With a neutral color palette, interesting textures and patterns can chime without having to compete with other elements. If you found an interesting piece of furniture or a funky couch maybe even a cool antique lamp you can use all of these elements when you have a neutral color palette.

Here are some additional benefits of decorating in neutral colors:

  • It calms you down. The neutral color challenge is more natural which brings serenity.
  • It doesn’t disturb the taste of Decor. Neutral colors provide the idea of the core standard to which other accents can be added.
  • Easily combines patterns and textures. Neutral colors won’t spoil patterns and textures that make decorations unsightly.
  • You can increase the potential selling value. Not everyone likes bright colors. Some prefer soft and warm colors. That’s something homeowners want. Neutral colors appeal across styles, tastes, and preferences.
  • Neutral colors will fit any design style, so it makes it easy to switch out decoration.

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