Some Extra Cleaning Can’t Hurt

When you do a thorough cleaning of your home, you might still not be wiping down your light switches and doorknobs, but in the current situation, those are going to be extra important to give attention. Why is that? Since the Coronavirus is spread mostly by touch, you could easily transfer the virus from your contaminated hands to a frequently touched surface in your home. Even after you wash your hands, if you touch one of those surfaces that you unknowingly contaminated earlier, you now have the virus on your hands once more.

This is why it is important to clean those off with a disinfectant regularly. Whenever you come home from a visit to the store, backtrack your own steps to make sure that you hit all the surfaces that you might have touched on your way in after you wash your hands. Other areas that you might not think of too often are the door handles and steering wheel in your car. Wiping them down before and after you use the car will give you some extra protection.

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