Using Caution With Insulation

Insulation comes in all shapes and sizes. It could be cellulose, fiberglass, perlite, and other types that are made for specific types of homes. But what are some things you should know about insulation before you install it into your home or replace some in your home? With these tips in mind, you can further protect yourself and your family.

Insulation uses all sorts of chemicals and materials combined with each other in order to create a thick layer to keep the heat inside your house, and the cold outside of it. For example, fiberglass insulation can have tiny glass particles as well as deadly dust. If taken into your lungs over time, it can heavily affect your breathing and can cause irritation to your skin.; Wearing the proper PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) during the project is definitely a must if you wish to remain healthy and free from the chemicals in insulation.

That being said, what should you wear as PPE? Gloves are a must, as well as eye protection, a long-sleeved shirt, and a dust mask. While that may seem simple, many people skip these steps. Afterward, washing with COLD water will help alleviate any itch and wash off bits of the insulation material.

Keeping these things in mind regarding insulation will continue to allow yourself to protect yourself as well as your family while maintaining a safe and warm environment in your home.

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