A Safe Receptacle For Your Children

Have you ever worried about your child getting themselves hurt in your home when you weren’t looking? We all know how quickly children can move when they are intent on something, and it might be enough just to turn your back for a minute or two for them to find their way to trouble. One of the most dangerous things you have in your home is electricity. While it might seem like it is unlikely that your child would figure out to stick something metal into a receptacle, remember that they most likely have seen you plug in all sorts of items into the wall receptacles, and unless you’ve told them otherwise, it doesn’t seem that dangerous.

So what can you do to prevent them from sticking items into wall receptacles? The safest way to do this is to install tamper resistant receptacles. These devices will not open up unless there is even pressure on both sides of the receptacle. Naturally you want to reinforce in your children that they should stay away from the receptacles, but a tamper resistant receptacle is your best fail-safe.

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