Getting Up In The Attic

Do you have stairs that goes into the attic? Many homes do, but others have a pull-down ladder instead. This is usually done to save space, and since most of us don’t go up into the attic very often, it is a valid alternative.

It is important to remember, though, that a pull down ladder is far from being as stable as a stair, or even a regular ladder for that fact. Its stability depends greatly on the quality of the ladder, as well as, whether it was installed correctly or not.

The pull-down ladder needs to be installed firmly into the surrounding wooden beams with sufficiently long screws. Don’t skimp on the amount of screws you use, since the ladder will need to carry the weight of you, in addition to, any items you carry up.

You should avoid climbing the ladder with a load, instead, have someone hand you the items as you put them up in the attic.

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